Why become an Idol

Idols in IDOL.LAND can monetize their content while developing authentic relationship with their fans through our platform features such as news feed for constant engagement, livestreaming, private chat, exclusive
NFT content, and many more. Idols can also lock their content behind a paywall, allowing fans access for a monthly fee or one-off tip.

Benefit for our idols

Lowest fee

Idols can create contents freely on our platform with lowest-in-the-market or no fee.

Live Streaming

Get more intimate with fans. Idols also can get extra income through live streaming and mid-stream games and gifting.

NFTs Campaign

Idols can created their own limited digital art as NFTs which can further be traded and auctioned on IDOLL.LAND using $IDOL tokens.

No minimum threshold or waiting period to withdraw

With blockchain and DeFi technology, idols keep most of what they earn and no longer have to suffer waiting period and minimum threshold to withdraw. The technologies allow Idol.Land to earn revenue in many other ways besides fees, and all transactions are secure and private.

Earn, invest, and stake $IDOL to grow audience

The platform business model will constantly boost utilization and demand which result in continuous price increase over time. The more idols hold and stake $IDOLs that they earn, they will get richer. Idols may also use $IDOLs to claim marketing promotions to get even more popular and earn more. To infinity and beyond!

Monthly Idol Popular Vote

$IDOL holders can vote the idols to top ranking each month. The idols will earn reward from fans and bonus from the platform too.

Our Idols

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