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IDOL.LAND is a crypto land for idols to monetize their content.

The all-inclusive social media for EVERYONE who will have 100% control over their content and income.

With blockchain and DeFi technology, all users’ social and financial privacy are protected.

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Just better and sexier ‘Social DeFi’

Next-generation social media on crypto land for exclusive content, only more private and even more exclusive.


Create Content “No Fee”

Lowest fee on subscription. Highest rewards.
Idols can create contents freely on our platform with low to no fee, and enjoy many more ways to earn than other platforms, so they can give more back to their fans.

Exclusive Member Card

Exclusive Membership Top $IDOL holders will earn top privileges that fiat money can’t buy, such as VVIP-only exclusive party with globally-ranked top idols.

Event Vote influence

$IDOL holders can vote and send your favorite idols to top ranking each month. If your voted idols get the prize, you will earn rewards too.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming and Private Chat Fans can enjoy their favorite idols content even more intimately with private or public live streaming, private inbox chat, and even ask special requests just between you and your

NFTs Campaign

Any of idols digital art can be minted, distributed, and traded as NFT. Top $IDOL holder can also ask your idol to created a unique piece of NFT just for you. Only you, only NFT in the world.

Redeem Worldwide

and many many more features to come…

Road map

Venture into the land of idols


Q3 : 2021

● Landing Page Launch
● Whitepaper and Tokenomics Confirmed
Initial Moon Offering and Pre-sale
DexGuru listing
● PooCoin listing
PancakeSwap listing
Official Launch Idol.Land
Subscription and Private Chat


Q4 : 2021

Target Holders = 10,000 +++
Target TVL = $30M
Exclusive Membership for Stakers
Launch Mobile Application
Live Streaming Launch
Vote Top Idols 2021 Event
VVIP Party with Idols (depending on the pandemic situation)

Q4 : 2021

Target Holders = 10,000 +++  ●
Target TVL = $30M  ●
Exclusive Membership for Stakers  ●
Launch Mobile Application  ●
Live Streaming Launch  ●
Vote Top Idols 2021 Event  
VVIP Party with Idols ●
(depending on the pandemic situation)  


Q1 : 2022

Target Holders = 13,000 +++
 Target TVL = $50M
 NFTs campaign
Airdrop NFTs 18+ Event
VVIP Party with idols for Top Speaker

Token functionality

Subscribe and Purchase

$IDOL can be used to subscribe
monthly to their favorite idols and
unlock/purchase exclusive contents.


Fans can use $IDOL tokens to buy
virtual and physical gifts and send to
their favorite idols.


Digital art and content NFTs are traded
on IDOLL.LAND using $IDOL tokens

Staking for Rewards

IDOL token holders can and are encouraged to participate in platform decentralized governance.


$IDOL holders can vote and send your favorite idols to top ranking each month to win prizes or collect
rewards points.


Holders can participate in decentralized
governance process to vote for features
and events, or business partnership.

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